March 30, 2021

Book Deal: New HumbleBundle deal on Machine Learning resources by Manning

Machine Learning (ML) runs the world… or at least it fuels the technology which drives algorithms that are responsible for keeping the world running. The HumbleBundle website is currently offering a great deal on e-books and other resources related to Machine Learning.

Most books included in this bundle are high-quality and have good reviews on Amazon (see the list below for some quick links.)

In addition to the ability to download digital copies of the e-books from the HumbleBundle platform, you get access to the Manning dashboard, which allows you to access the videos, projects, and books seamlessly through the browser. If you are new to ML, it's well worth checking out. It's especially interesting to those programmers who have little to no knowledge of Machine Learning and need to be brought up to speed.

Here's a list of the latest HumbleBundle e-book deal, which ends on April 12, 2021. All the hyperlinks are 100% clean Amazon links (no affiliate, no tracking), so our readers can verify the value of the books before buying.

$1 tier
$10 tier
$18 tier

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