July 12, 2021

Choose your career path: HumbleBundle's July 2021 Self-improvement Book Bundle

The latest book bundle from HumbleBundle is almost perfectly aligned with that of Codecide's own Twitter channel -- which is all about remote working and telecommuting careers in IT and beyond. Depending on the tier you select, you will get up to 29 work and self-improvement titles to help set you up on a better path to professional success.

Below is a list of all the titles you'll get should you opt for the highest tier of the bundle. Each item in the list links to the Amazon.com entry for the book. These links are provided for the sole purpose of helping readers access information and reviews quickly. As with all the external links on this website, all the Amazon links are 100% sanitized and tracking-free.

Again: here's the link to the bundle on HumbleBundle.com. Note that the deal will end in early August 2021.

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