December 30, 2020

How to create a desktop application from a web app (Linux, Mac, Windows)

How many minutes are you wasting every hour trying to locate the tab that contains the app you keep getting back to? If you use a web application repeatedly, you are probably wishing it ran like a native desktop application. Lucky for you, there's a solution for that: web2desk, a nifty online cross-platform web application compiler available for free (for personal use). Here goes:

  1. Go to the web2desk page.
  2. Paste-in the URL of the app you want to be compiled.
  3. Give your app a name (anything you want).
  4. Upload an icon for your new app.
  5. Add your email.
  6. Select the target operating system.
  7. Wait a few minutes for the result.

Pros: Your web application now runs much like any native app, independently of the browser windows and tabs you have opened.

Cons: You won't have access to browser-specific meta functionality, such as search, plugins, extensions, etc. It can also prove somewhat resource-hungry at scale.

References: web2desk

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