December 28, 2020

How to easily edit a text file in the terminal (all OS)

If you've been spoiled by the user interface of editors like Notepad or Sublime, you're probably wondering why you have to deal with the minimalist and cryptic editors available in the shell -- editors like Vim and nano. Wonder no more; run micro instead.

Micro is a terminal-based editor that will instantly make you feel at home, wherever that is. It may not be the best option to fulfill every wants and needs, but it does the job right and it has an intuitive, familiar feel.

  1. Install micro on Linux:
    sudo apt install micro

    or on macOS:

    brew install micro

    or on Windows:

    choco install micro

    (check out the alternatives)

  2. Edit a file with micro:
    micro myfile.txt
  3. Enjoy full mouse support, syntax highlighting, and all the candy your eyes can eat while staring at a console.

References: Micro, micro installation options

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