January 11, 2021

How to Improve your Project Management Skills (HumbleBundle Deal)

NOTE: This offer has expired and is no longer available.

If your career depends on getting things done in time and on budget, you probably already possess and use project management skills. How are these skills holding up in a time of crisis such as this one? Is it time for a refresh?

HumbleBundle has an interesting $1 deal on decent project management e-books, all from Wiley. At this price, in my humble opinion, the deal is worth it even if you end up just glossing over their content and pick up a few tidbits of wisdom here and there.

Here's a list of the titles available on the HumbleBundle deal under the different tiers, linked to the matching Amazon entries -- the hyperlinks have been thoroughly sanitized. This deal expires on February 1rst, 2021.

$1 tier
$8 (all the above + ...)
$15 (all the above + ...)

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