The Journal

Tuesday 03/20/2018

  • The temporary homepage is now live.  It uses MotoPress Visual Builder, which proved pretty good for the simple task.
  • The landing pages for the referenced services turned out to be quite time consuming to produce. We’re working on streamlining that process so it doesn’t get in the way of setting up the actual site.

Wednesday 03/21/2018

  • Today we learned that there’s a new MotoPress Visual Builder coming soon that should solve many of the issues we’re facing when trying to update content quickly. Here’s the announcement. We just wish it was sooner, like… now.
  • We also came to the conclusion that it is faster and more efficient to use cloud-based design software (like Canva, Designbold, etc.) to build, organize and keep track of headers and featured item graphical assets. If only they handled SVG…

Thursday 03/22/2018

Friday 03/23/2018

Monday 03/26/2018

  • Chances are your worst customers are more honest with you than your best co-workers.
  • The hardest part of doing modern lean business is to convince your clients to start small and not try and all at once throw every solution they can think of at a given problem.