You’re telecommuting when …

  • workplace means home
  • commuting to work means moving from one room to the other
  • most of your professional interactions are proxied through the same apparatus you are using to produce your work output
  • boundaries between life and work are dangerously blurred

Because the working world is changing at an accelerating pace every single day, adapting to its requirements is fast becoming a full time job on its own. Keeping up with

  • the new tools,
  • the new processes,
  • the inevitable advance of automation in the workplace,
  • the ever-changing wants and needs of customers, contractors and employees,
  • the laws and rules that govern all of us, and
  • the rapid flow of sometimes self-contradicting information and documentation that feeds it all

… is a chore that can quickly overwhelm even the most organized of individuals.

What is

We founded in order to provide telecommuters, freelancers, contractors and their employers a central hub. A hub that will hopefully provide us all with the resources and means to find our footing: a balance that is the only way avoid a slow suicide by means of code. is a portal: A unique web destination dedicated to the support of remote workers and their employers in the fields of software development and IT support. is a forum: a place where remote workers and employers can share experiences, ideas, best practices and stories that will help make your life better. is a shop where you’ll find products designed to make the telecommuter’s environment a little more affordable. is a toolbox place where you’ll find unique free software tools that will help you stay productive and efficient in the midst of continuous change. is a recruitment hub to find and/or post remote jobs offers. is a publisher of books that will help you work more efficiently.

The wave is coming. This is just the beginning … is a collective based in Chicago, IL.
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