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Building the $400 Ikea Bike

The pros and cons of building and riding IKEA’s $400 bike. The Sladda is a $400 cruiser built to outrun and outlast anything else you could buy for that price at your local bike shop. It comes flat-packed, just like one of Ikea’s shitty bookshelves, and ships with a set of instructions that contain no words and metal tools that do not appear the least bit durable. Source: Lifehacker Read it here...

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Traffic ahead: Cities vs. Apps

Cities and suburbs are waging an endless war against smart GPS. With highways frequently congested, navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze started telling drivers to hop off the freeway at Fremont’s Mission Boulevard, cut through residential streets and then hop back on the highway where things were clearer — much to the distress of the people who lived there. Source: Slashdot Read it here...

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