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Budgeting as a Freelancer

Alysse Dalessandro doesn’t have a conventional budget. This is in part because she doesn’t have a steady income. The Ohio-based writer is a full-time freelancer. “I don’t know when my money is going to come. I don’t know if it’s going to come sometimes,” Dalessandro says. “So a traditional budget doesn’t work for me.” Her situation isn’t unique. Roughly 55 million Americans freelance, and 25% report doing so full time, according to a 2016 survey by Upwork and the Freelancers Union. Irregular paychecks make budgeting difficult, but they also make it essential. These tips can help freelancers and contractors create workable...

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For $3 you can hire a fake law firm to send a threatening letter

Incessant follow-up emails have their time and place, but when it comes to freelancers collecting pay from clients who have stiffed them, a clever new service offers what it hopes will be a more effective option. Called “Williams&Harricks,” the service charges $3 to send a paper letter, complete with an official-looking letterhead, to the delinquent client. Though “Williams&Harricks” sounds like the name of a law firm, it is no such thing. The brand was created by And Co, a company that sells software freelancers use to manage tasks like invoicing, expense tracking, and contracts (incidentally, signing up for Williams&Harricks automatically signs freelancers up for a free And Co account). “We were thinking of, what is an easy way for people to get paid? “And Co co-founder Leif Abraham says about the new letter-writing service. “Most freelancers don’t have a lawyer to talk to.” Freelancers who use Williams&Harricks have the option to send letters ranging from “a friendly reminder,” in which Williams&Harricks writes to a delinquent client, “We would ask for your prompt attention to this matter, and request that the Total amount is paid immediately,” to a “breach of contract” letter, in whichWilliams&Harricks writes: Neglecting to pay this sum represents a breach of the initial arrangement established. Should legal action be required to resolve your current nonpayment, this letter will be offered as evidence of your unwillingness to meet...

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