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The Learning Coach: Google Keep and Tasks Reviewed

Do you have a problem with time or task management? Do you know a student or colleague that does? Do you have GSuite for education? If you answered yes to either of the first two questions and yes to the third question as well, then you are in luck, because you can actually solve the problem with GSuite. Google Keep is a rather new product from Google and I like to think of it as an Evernote-lite. Tasks exist in your Gmail account and you probably never notice them at all. Either one of these products can help your organize your time and tasks better.This presentation walks through the basic features of each product and also makes a comparison of the two. The basic choice comes down to what you want to be able to do with your task list. Do you want to share it with others you are collaborating with? Then Keep is best option. Do you want to use it on your own (and possibly sent a list to someone)? Then Task is part of your Gmail account already, so why use another tab? On – 20 Apr, 2017 By TS...

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On the Importance of Setting Goals

There’s no miracle solution to anything… but there’s something to be said about tracking your goals correctly. Do I think you will make ten times the amount of the other 97% who are not documenting their goals, probably not. I believe goals are designed to fulfill our dreams and ambitions. My thought has always been to do the things you love and the money will follow. Source: DZone Agile Zone Read it here...

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