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You’re not a robot, you’re a freelancer!

Stop! You’re not a robot, you’re a freelancer! by | Apr 22, 2017 | Business Motivation, Self care for self employed | You’ve peeled yourself away from the computer screen for a night out with friends. Settling in with a glass of wine, you listen to them talking about their long weekend plans. One friend is going out of town with her partner while your best friend has rented a beach house for a few nights. They’re really excited about a few days away from their corporate and office jobs. When they ask what you’re going to do, you...

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The Implications of Hot-Desking

The research examined the impact the implementation of hot-desking had on an organization over a three year period. The move had been undertaken in a bid to reduce the costs of its facilities, whilst also allowing the property it had to be used more flexibly. Source: DZone Agile ZonePublished on Mar 17, 2017Read it here...

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