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The Joy of Lists

2017 List-building Handbook

by Yannick Forest

Set yourself free: make a list quickly and efficiently, for everything that needs to get done. A complete guide to list-building. From simple to-do lists to kanban and mindmaps, this handbook will get you up and running in a 15 minutes. Done!

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Out on March 24, 2017.

Job Hunting for Freelancers

2017 Handbook

by Yannick Forest

A guide to all the tools, applications and techniques that will help autonomous workers survive and succeed in the freelance economy of 2017 and beyond.

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Out on April 30, 2017.


Documenting processes and methods

by Yannick Forest

It’s coming:
The revolutionary guide to energizing your organization, speeding up your business and maximizing your team’s productivity through documentation.

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Out on September 21, 2017.